Waistlines are expanding

Here is something that will make most people walk away from the donuts at the office. A new federal study shows that every American will be overweight or obese in 40 years. Dr. James Lane is the director of the diabetes center at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and says he may not complete agree with that assumption but says that weight control is becoming more of a health problem.
“We see that there is a parallel relationship between the increase in obesity and the increase in diabetes and all the problems associated with that.”
Dr. Lane says our lifestyle has changed dramatically. Years ago, most people were blue collar workers and did physical labor. Couple that with the convenience of fast food and take out, our waistlines are expanding dramatically.
“Over the last 30 years, there has been an increase on the average calories consumed per person per day of about a thousand calories.”
Dr. Lane says that is making people less likely to move.
“If you couple that, we work at desks, working with computer terminals most of the day, we are not getting that 30 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy.”
Dr. Lane says being overweight has a direct link to hypertension, heart disease and diabetes.