Omaha Royals exploring options on relocating

The president of the Omaha Royals announced today that he is pursuing options in finding a new home for the team, outside the new downtown ballpark in Omaha.  Alan Stein met today with MECA C-E-O Roger Dixon today.  He oversees the group that will be in charge of the new ball park.   Stein stated that Omaha has negotiated with the team in good faith but there are several issues that were not resolved.  Stein stated that they need to do what is best for the Omaha Royals and he feels obligated to aggressively explore other opportunities.  Stein stated they are looking at other community’s bout inside and outside the Greater Omaha area that are interested in becoming the new home to the Royals.  One of those stumbling blocks is parking.  It currently costs six-dollars to park in the lots that currently are allocated for the Qwest Center.  The new downtown ballpark will be built on two of those lots.  Anyone using the facility will be required to pay to park.  Stein does not want Omaha Royals fans to have to pay that extra fee.  No word on when a decision will be announced.