Fremont leaders reject regulation on immigrants

In a final vote of five-to-four, the Fremont City Council last night voted against a controversial proposed ordinance on illegal immigration. After voting to suspend the rules and place the proposed ordinance on final reading last night instead of August 26th, council unveiled a split decision which prompted Mayor Skip Edwards to cast a rare decision maker vote.
Before casting his “no” vote, Edwards said: “The control of legal immigration is a federal issue. I can’t change the law and I agree that we need to obey the law and I understand that we’re dealing with illegals, but I also understand that I’m bound by the law too.”
The vote came after nearly three hours of public testimony from approximately 70 people who represented half for and the other half against the proposed ban on harboring, renting to or hiring of illegal aliens. The auditorium was nearly filled to capacity of 12-hundred-50 people and had a very strong police presence.
One man was escorted out by police for yelling “Bring it on!” after an opponent to the ordinance spoke, otherwise it was a fairly respectful atmosphere.
Thanks to  Jessica Meistrell, KHUB/KFMT/KBLR, Fremont