Food VS Fuel hearing planned for August 18th

Senator Ben Nelson is bringing to the table the facts about food v-s fuel.  Senator Nelson is tired of the smear campaign against ethanol in D-C so he and Iowa Senator Tom Harkin are holding a hearing next month that focuses on food, fuel and feed.  The hearing will take place August 18th in Omaha and will focus on discussing the facts about food, feed and fuel and the future of fuel and food production from the agriculture sectors prospective. 

Nelson says there appears to be a smear campaign now in D-C regarding ethanol.  At this hearing, they will discuss the facts about these matters.  Nelson insists that we have to stop blaming ethanol for every problem.  For example, corn and oil prices are dropping but food prices are not following suit.  Nelson says you would think we would see an immediate drop in grocery prices but that is not happening. 

Senator Nelson says they are in the process of sorting out who will be speaking at this hearing.