Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey will not seek 3rd term

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey will not seek a third term as mayor of the state’s largest city.  Mayor Fahey has served as mayor for two terms and says enough is enough.  Fahey will be 65 this year and is happy with what he accomplished but says it is time to pass the torch to younger people. 

Mayor Fahey made some difficult decisions while in office that was met with mixed reaction from residents of Omaha.  He annexed the city of Elkhorn and pushed for a new baseball stadium downtown that ended with a long-term deal to host the College World Series for many years.  Opponents of the idea defended the current stadium.  That helped spark a recall effort.  Fahey says anyone who thinks they are going to be mayor and the job does not include controversy is being naive.  He adds the recall effort was difficult as no one likes to be disliked.

Former Congressman and Omaha Mayor Hal Daub is the Republican candidate.  He and Fahey faced off for the city’s highest office in 2001.  No word on who the Democratic candidate will be but City Councilman Jim Suttle did say today he will make a decision by November 1st.