Omaha Sports Commission president resigns

The president of the Omaha Sports Commission is stepping down. Dan Morrissey has resigned so he can return to running Meeting and Event Design, a company he and his wife founded more than 20 years ago.  The company serves as the event manager for the College World Series.  He says that will keep him busy enough.  Morrissey says the move to a new downtown stadium and the long term contract with the N-C-A-A offers a number of opportunities to expand the scope of events surrounding the C-W-S.  He is hoping to keep some of the old traditions like the opening ceremonies and Fanfest.  He says there are many new opportunities with the new area.  Morrissey is credited with helping to bring a number of amateur sporting events to Nebraska including the N-C-A-A’s Men’s Basketball Preliminary Tournaments, the Women’s Volleyball Championship and most recently the U-S Olympic Swimming Trials.