Kids and prescriptions don't always mix

While methamphetamine remains the greatest drug threat in the state of Nebraska, there is another issue that is lurking in the background that needs to be brought into the light. Keith Code is a spokesman for the group Drug Free World and says kids are now looking for an easier but more dangerous way to get drugs.
“Prescription drugs are now becoming the single biggest threat. It is an epidemic proportion. For example, in Florida, last year in 2007, the analysis of autopsies by the Florida Medical Examiner found that the rate of deaths found by prescription drugs was three-times the deaths caused by all other illicit drugs combined.”

Code says drug dealers are no longer really necessary. All you need is a debit or credit card and internet access to basically get whatever prescription drug you need… with no prescription.
“Over 5-and-a-half million Americans bought, purchased drugs from another country over the internet and other sources and 50-percent of them were not prescribed drugs.”
Code says these internet sites are becoming much more popular.
“Since 2005, the study by the National Center on Addictions and Substance Abuse said that the number of internet sites, basically pharmacies offering controlled prescription drugs, increased 70-percent, from 342 in 2006 to 581 in 2007.”
Most of the drugs are shipped from Mexico and Canada. These sites have been a benefit for many as these prescription drugs are less expensive than retail pharmacies in the U-S. Code says this is another reason to monitor your child’s internet use and to keep your prescription drugs under lock and key.