State coffers fill up on extra income tax collected

Some good news for Nebraska, as other states are losing money in tax receipts, this state has collected an extra $100 million dollars. No word yet on where that money will go. Speaker of the legislature Mike Flood says “I don’t want to comment today on a specific proposal or tax cut plan, because inevitabley what will happen next year if we find ourselves in this situation where we can’t cut taxes there are going to be so many different proposals and so many different ideas. ”
The state now has over Half a Billion dollars in surplus cash.
“I think we have to have a real discussion if we’re going to talk about cutting taxes about income tax, taxes paid that people maybe don’t write a check for, but comes out of their check each pay period and April 15th, so that’s one of the issues that I take away from this.”
The reason for the excess money collected may have to do with the increase in the number of people that filed taxes this year.