Omaha Police raid cathouse

The Nebraska Humane Society seized over 100 cats from a home on North 18th Street in Omaha today.  Humane Society spokesperson Pam Wiese (WEES) said earlier today that they didn’t think that there could that many cats in an 800-plus square foot home.  They also found a raccoon and a rabbit.  Wiese says 54 year old Hanne Kaea lived in the home and they had dealings with her in 1996, 2001 and 2007 and now today.  Every time it has been for too many cats.  Many of these animals are suffering from upper respitory conditions and ringworm.  They will receive medical treatment.  Wiese says the house is in bad shape but it is not the worse they have seen.  She says the kitchen was fairly clean but overall the place was not sanitary.  Officers did not need to use hazmat suits or wear masks to enter the home.  Authorities did find four dead kittens under the sink.  Police officers from Council Bluffs notified the Humane Society of a possible problem after they caught Kaea trying to shoplift cat food.  She also smelled of urine.  Kaea now faces a number of charges.