ATV's get the thumbs down in Beatrice

Facing a flood of opposition, the Beatrice City Council has voted NOT to allow all-terrain vehicles to travel city streets. The vote of the council was made in response to a request that was brought before the body recently by Beatrice resident Doug Pieper.

Councilman Rich Kerr says the prospect of cars and trucks sharing space with A-T-V’s certainly brought out the citizen input.
Councilman Dwight Parde says A-T-V’s are a recreational vehicle not meant for street use. Councilman Phil Cook says the Consumer Product Safety Commission doesn’t recommend A-T-V travel on hard surfaced streets because of low tire pressure and a fixed axle, which makes the vehicles prone to overturning.
Fetty says Pieper made his request to the city in the right way, seeking input on the topic. Pieper conceded there wasn?t the support of the council to allow A-T-V use…..something state law gives cities the power to decide, within certain limits.
The council’s vote NOT to allow A-T-V’s on city streets, was 6-0, with one councilmember absent from the vote.