Congressman Terry continues to push for off-shore drilling

Second District Congressman Lee Terry says Nebraska residents would see lower gas prices if lawmakers on Capitol Hill would move forward with his plan.   He says the markets would respond quickly if Congress ok’d his plan to expand offshore drilling and allow exploration in Alaska.  Terry stated when you put the message out there that we are serious about getting this and we’re putting the infrastructure in now, the price of crude oil will drop overnight.  Congressman Terry does warn that with off-shore drilling and in Alaska, environmental groups could delay any increase in oil production for a while as they would have to wade through the lawsuits first.  Terry is also quick to say that people power will play a huge role in the ability to drill for oil here in the U-S.  He stated that many of his colleagues were against opening up costal waters and Alaska to drilling several years ago but their constituents are now putting pressure on them to change their minds.