South Sioux City lands biodiesel plant, 36 jobs

South Sioux City, Nebraska, leaders are making another industrial announcement, the fourth in about a week. Natural Innovative Renewable Energy, or NIRE, (pronounced “NY-ree”) today announced the anticipated development and construction of a 60-million gallon biodiesel facility in the Roth Industrial Park in South Sioux City.
NIRE has plans to team up with Beef Products Inc. to construct a facility that will have the ability to utilize multiple feedstocks and produce about 60-million gallons of biodiesel and 55-million pounds of glycerin. B-P-I is expected to be one of the sources of feedstock for the facility. Beef Products Inc. is the world’s leading producer of lean beef processed from fresh beef trimmings. As a component of that processing, B-P-I produces a large amount of beef tallow, which may become one of the feedstock sources for the new biodiesel facility.
NIRE expects to bring 36 new jobs to South Sioux City and says it plans to spend tens of millions of dollars to build the facility, purchase equipment and procure working inventories. The company originally planned to build the plant near Akron, Ohio.
Thanks to Larry Schmitz, KLEM, LeMars, Iowa