Nearly 200 fugutives arrested in sting operation

183 Fugitives have been arrested in Lincoln and Omaha by U.S. Marshals. Chief William Fallon with the U.S. Marshals Service told us that it’s part of their latest Operation Falcon.
“The Marshall’s Service reaches out to State and local police departments and works with them to try and arrest as many violent felons, sex offenders, gang members really whatever they want to bring to the table as far as open warrants, people that their looking for.”
The operation netted over 19,000 fugitives nationwide.
“We took in actually over $1.5 million in fees – U-S Currency plus some other assets. Ya know it actually benefited actually picking up some violent impact players, but we were also able to take some of their money and some of their assets that they gained through drug sales.”
The operation included arresting sex offenders and gang members, among others.