Man sentenced after crashing Corvette

A 21-year-old Beatrice man will serve five years of intensively supervised probation and a Nebraska Work Ethic Camp assignment, for running a Beatrice couple’s 1996 Corvette through a garage wall.
Eric Hedges was sentenced in Gage County District Court Wednesday, for the damage done to a car owned by Dennis and Linda Barnard of Beatrice. The vehicle plowed through a rear garage wall at 601 North Fourth in Beatrice, plunging down an embankment.
Defense Attorney Lyle Koenig countered that Hedges has shown signs of wanting to rehabilitate himself, and has shown remorse. Koenig said his client is a perfect fit for the work ethic camp. Hedges was convicted of criminal mischief and intentionally damaging property, driving under revocation and unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle.

The vehicle was taken from a repair shop where he worked. Gage County District Judge Paul Korslund said Hedges record is bad for someone so young, and his attitude is, in the judges words, “really lousy”.
Hedges told the judge he is ready to change and said it would be helpful if he goes to the work camp.
As part of the five-year I-S-P sentence, the judge ordered Hedges to write a letter of apology to the victims and perform 100 hours of community service. Korslund also ordered that restitution totaling 500 dollars be paid to Dennis and Linda Barnard and 628-dollars restitution be paid to Struve Enterprises the owner of the apartment building where the damage was done. Hedges license has been revoked for one year.