Nebraskans are driving less, dying less

There’s finally something of a silver lining appearing from the high gasoline prices. Motorists in Nebraska are driving less, in part due to the expense, and the number of traffic deaths so far in 2008 is the lowest in decades.
Triple-A-Nebraska spokeswoman Rose White says there are 99 deaths reported statewide so far. White says: “For the first six months of this year, highway fatalities in Nebraska are down 26-percent compared to the same period in 2007. The last time fatalities were near this level was back in 1949. The figures are even more significant considering the number of vehicles registered in Nebraska.”
Back in 1949, some 717-thousand vehicles were registered in our state. Today, there are more than two-point-one-million registered vehicles, or three times the number reported back in 1949. White attributes the lower death rate to several elements.
She says, “Higher fuel prices and an increase use in safety belts are contributing to lower roadway fatalities. Motorists are traveling fewer miles and driving at lower speeds on the interstate to conserve fuel. In addition, many drivers appear to be avoiding aggressive and dangerous driving behaviors that waste fuel, like hard stops and fast accelerations. An increase use of safety belts is also a factor contributing to the low fatality rate.”
For more on the subject, see the motor club’s website.