Total crime down, murder and manslaughter up 25%

Some good news and bad news when it comes to crime rates in the state of Nebraska. Michael Behm of the Nebraska Crime Commission says the total number of crimes reported in the 2007 report droppped five percent in the state.
“Nebraska’s running actually a little better than national stats. On June 2nd, the FBI released their uniformed crime report which they reported a 1.4% decrease, so in that regard, Nebraska is doing a little bit better nationally in decrease of crimes.”
However, reports of murder and manslaughter were up 25 percent in the state.
“When you say there is something good, sometimes there is something not so good. And what we’re showing here is actually an increase of six percent in the violent crime category, where were showing the murder manslaughter did increase by 25 percent going from 53 to 66. You cannot forget about the Von Maur shooting that occurred December 6th of 2007 in Omaha where eight innocent people were killed. Those eight innnocent people that were killed certainly had something to do with our increases in 2007.”