Officers targeted at Sidney fast food place

Sidney Police Officer Keith Andrew and his family have won a lawsuit against a fast food restaurant which served them tainted food.  The lawsuit claimed that Mid-Plains Food and Lodging, KFC / Taco Bell in Sidney, served them food with urine and spit during October of 2005.  The lawsuit named employee Casey Diedrich as the culprit and says management did nothing to stop the Andrews family from eating the food. 
The lawsuit claimed employees also used a pan with “special servings” of food that had been spit in or urinated in to be served to local law enforcement officers on other occasions as well.
Andrew’s son Brennan became violently ill and was hospitalized after eating the food, and son Trevor Andrew also became sick.
A Cheyenne County jury awarded $40,000 to the Andrews family according to prosecutor Maren Chaloupka.