Johanns and Kleeb share ideas on improving economy

Republican Mike Johanns and Democrat Scott Kleeb continue to tour the state and talk about ways to improve the economy as they run for the U-S Senate seat being vacated by Chuck Hagel. Johanns has released a three tier plan. First, he wants to keep the Bush tax cuts.
“176,000 small and medium sized businesses in our state benefited, we just can’t simply put them in a place where they would have a tax increase.
Johanns is also pushing for more training for employees.
“What happens is businesses will improve their equipment and computer software, but they need to train their employees and enhance their skills to operate that equipment or computer software.”
Democrat Scott Kleeb says as he’s traveled the state he is hearing two major complaints health care costs and energy costs. He says both continue to go up.
“Right now we can do something about health care, we need to make sure there is affordability of insurance, bring down those costs, make sure that every business can actually afford to insure their workers, make sure that every worker has the opportunity for quality and affordable health insurance
Kleeb says people recognize that the increased energy costs are actually tax increases.
“We might not be paying Uncle Sam, but we’re sure paying somebody. We’re either paying another country or we’re paying Exxon Mobile and people just don’t want to keep paying those prices that keep going up and up.
Kleeb says western Nebraskans are hurting from the same types of problems eastern Nebraskans are hurting from.