Omaha boy faces painful rabies vaccinations if dog isn't found

Time is running out for 13 year old Darian Finney.  Last Tuesday, Darian was walking near 67th and Pratt in Omaha when he was bit by a dog.  Darian says the dog was on a leash.  He bent down to tie his shoe and the dog bit his nose.  The owner did not stop to help but instead walked away.  Authorities do not know if the dog is current on vaccinations so Darian is now facing a painful series of rabies shots, which includes sticking an 8 inch needle into the stomach.  The search continues for the dog but officials at the Nebraska Humane Society have come up empty handed.  They have been patrolling the streets looking for a large black dog that was called “Milo“.  The Humane Society continues to ask for the public’s help in locating this dog.