Jumper investigation leads officers to deceased woman

Omaha police are investigating a bizarre case of circumstances that led to the discovery of a woman dead inside her home.  Around one-o’clock this morning, officers were called to a fast food restaurant with a report of a man on the roof that appeared to be ready to jump.  He had a child with him.  The man put the child down and did jump.   The child was not injured.  In an attempt to locate the boy’s mother, police went to their address at 11837 Cryer Avenue.  The door was locked but officers heard crying coming from inside the home.  The landlord let the officers inside.  There they found a deceased woman.  Officers also found twin one-year old boys in the home.  They were not injured.  The jumper will survive.  Names have not been released.  An autopsy is planned to determine the cause of death of the woman.