Pit bull severely injures toddler in Omaha

A horrifying event Wednesday afternoon as a pit bully breaks free from its leash and savagely attacks two women and a little girl.  Steffan Ray lives near 14th and Pine in Omaha and says the women were pulling two children in a wagon around 3:30.  A pit bull being walked by its owner breaks its collar and attacks.  Steffan Ray says heard the screaming and ran outside to see what was happening.

Ray says he wrapped a towel around the head of the baby as part of her scalp was missing.  Her mother was bit several times in the neck and was bleeding.  Another woman may have suffered bites on her arm.  The dog’s owner, Tina Agerson says she was walking the dog but it broke its leash.  She tried to grab the dog but was pushed aside by one of the women and she could not reach it.

The dog is in the custody of the Nebraska Humane Society.  15 month old Charolette Belvins underwent surgery to have part of her scalp reattached.  Her condition at this time is not known.

Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey is planning a meeting with the Omaha Police Department and the Nebraska Humane Society to determine if public policy needs to be revisited in order to prevent similar events from happening in the future.