Johanns discusses his energy policy

Republican Senate candidate Mike Johanns says the United States needs an energy policy that’s comprehensive in nature, and that’s what he would push for if elected. The former Nebraska Governor and U-S Agriculture Secretary said today that drilling is part of that formula. Johanns says a sound energy policy must include renewable energy and conservation. He says with high prices at the pump, consumers are demanding better mileage vehicles, at a time when automakers have mileage targets they must meet in the future.
“There are just very very few people out there who can drive a vehicle that gets 10 miles to the gallon, I visited with a women from North Platte over the weekend. She was telling me about an event that was 20 miles outside of North Platte. She said I got to thinking about it, my car gets about 20 miles to the gallon, two gallons of gas. That’s eight bucks just to drive out there and back, I didnt’t do it.”

Johanns says examples like that one point out Americans are making tough decisions when it comes to travel, because of the high cost of fuel. He also says if prices stay high, agriculture is hurt. Johanns is critical of his Democratic Senate opponent, Scott Kleeb, for support of a climate change bill that failed in the Senate.
“If you support that what you’re really buying into based on te EPA study is that Gasoline prices will initially rise 53-cents a gallon and then ultimately 1.53 a gallon. Well, you add that in to whats happening today, you begin to realize making the wrong choice on that legislation just hammers agriculture, it just hammers consumers.”
Johanns says he also supports wind power generation, hydrogen-power vehicles and cellulosic ethanol as a part of an overall energy strategy.
(Thanks to Doug Kennedy, KWBE, Beatrice)