Kleeb attacks Johanns

The track record of Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Johanns is being pointed out by his Democratic challenger. Scott Kleeb told us that it’s not about Johanns as a person, but about him as a Legislator.
“Well I think some of the things that he did as mayor here especially with the fireifghters and basically how he handicapped the firefighters here are relevant especially as we go forward in a post nine-eleven world as first responders firefighters and the support that we give to them is critical not just for them, but for our families too.”
He also mentioned Johanns advising the President to veto the farm bill. It was overriden this week by Congress.
Kleeb says Off-shore oil drilling is gaining momentum on Capitol Hill. President Bush asked Congress this week to lift the ban on off-shore drilling. Democratic Nebraska U.S. Senate candidate Scott Kleeb told us that we have to diversify the way we produce energy in our country.
“Let’s not forget recent history – 2005 we passed in this country an energy bill and it was the biggest give away to the oil companies that had happened in the last 20 – 30 years and has that helped in our situation three years later in 2008? No! Oil is not the only thing we should be talking about. We have got to find ways of diversifying the way we produce energy in this country. This was 2005, biggest giveaway to the oil industry,and we’ve got the highest prices we’ve ever had. so we’ve got to start thinking outside of the oil well.”
Kleeb says the 2005 Energy bill hasn’t help Americans.