Three Boy Scouts from Omaha Killed in twister

The names of four teens, killed in a Tornado in Little Sioux, Iowa last night, were released this morning.  Josh Fennem, Sam Thomsen, and Ben Petrzilka, all 13 years old of Omaha were killed at the Boy Scout Ranch.  Aaron Eilerts, 14, of Eagle Grove, Iowa also died.  The powerful storm was also responsible for injuries to 48 other Boy Scouts.
Speaking at a news conference, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman said, “They’re trained to respond and they did that last night.  Governor Culver just took me out to the site, many of you are going to go out there in a few minutes and see it.  It’s devestation, it’s very, very difficult to look at.  You see that bunk house and in some ways it’s amazing we didn’t lose more lives than we did.”
Heineman offered the state of Nebraska’s assistance to Iowa Governor Chet Culver.  He also offered his thoughts and prayers to the families.