Storms cost state more than $20 million

Last week’s storms in the state cost quite a bit according to Governor Dave Heineman.
“We already know statewide the public damage is in excess of $20 million dollars. We know in terms of individuals the dollar estimate isn’t available yet, but i do want to share with you over 15-hundred homes have been impacted one way or another. 36 of those approximately 1500 homes have been destroyed, 95 have had major structural damage. There’s also been significant damage done to farmsteads, to farmground in general and we will have a more complete assessment by Friday and we hope to be able to release that to you on Friday.”
Governor Heineman says his eyes have been on the sky.
“I’ve been spending a good share of my time, several evenings in the last 10 days here in the State Capitol or in the Emergency Management center as we monitor what is going on. I think we’re prepared.”
At a morning news conference, the Governor announced an overhaul of the state’s website. The new site will provide weather related information to residents.