Senator Hagel Doubtful On Climate Change Bill

The Senate is proceeding with legislation that would cut carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to combat global warming.  Senator Chuck Hagel does not believe the Climate Change Bill will pass.  Hagel says it does not address at all what he believes is the key issue when we talk about the environment, energy, the economy.  

Wednesday, fellow Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson stated that he wanted to establish a non-partisan committee that could help establish an energy policy.  Senator Hagel says we don’t need a blueprint… we need less governmental involvement.  Senator Hagel says we can produce natural gas, oil and nuclear power that is very safe and scientifically sound without harming our environment.  He says the government needs to get out of the way and allow this technology to advance. 

Senator Hagel says we have plenty of natural recourses here in the U-S.  He believes that Anwr in Alaska is the answer.  He says that area is 20-million acres and the area targeted for drilling is the size of Dulles Airport and not a mating ground area for polar bears.