Joba's first start less than spectacular

Joba Chamberlain tips his cap as he leaves his first startHis number of pitches matched the back of his jersey.  62, that’s how many pitches Joba Chamberlain threw in his first start with the Yankees. 

According to manager Joe Girardi, Joba barely made it through the first inning as he struggled in his outing as a starter going just 2.1 innings while giving up two runs, one earned, while walking four and striking out two. 

Despite the struggles, as Girardi came to get Joba, the sellout crowd at Yankee Stadium gave him a standing ovation.  Chamberlain threw his glove and hat after stepping down into the dugout, but calmed down after the game to explain that while he wasn’t happy with his performance, he understands it is the first step in his transformation from a reliever to a starter.

You can check out Joba’s performance.

Chamberlain’s father Harlan was able to make the trip from Nebraska to Yankee Stadium.  His father has had some recent health issues that caused Joba to miss a few games while tending to his father, but was there to witness his son’s first major league start.