Good Samaritan hit and killed by passing car

A good Samaritan has been killed in the Omaha area and the killer is still at large.It was late at night on Sunday, just 20 minutes ’til midnight. Maureen O’Doherty’s car had run out of gas a few miles from her Omaha home, on the shoulder of Interstate 29, just south of Council Bluffs.
A southwest Iowa man came along, 58-year-old Joseph Spotts of Glenwood. He parked along the shoulder, too. He had a gas can and was glad to let O’Doherty have the fuel to get home. As he poured gas into her tank, the Iowa Highway Patrol says a third vehicle speeding down the Interstate struck Spotts — and killed him.
O’Doherty didn’t get a good look at the passing vehicle and it didn’t stop. As yet, no arrests have been made in the hit and run.