The Governor on Grand Island's $8.5M Problem

The city of Grand Island is trying to come up with the eight and a half million dollars they are supposed to raise to help move the state fair from Lincoln to their city. Governor Dave Heineman commented on the problem at this morning’s news conference. The Governor says “I think this is just a part of the process as they try to figure out how they fund the state fair, how they move it out there, how they reorganize it. I’m not alarmed by that, They are very, very confident they will obtain all the funding necessary to do it, I said look, people are expecting you to modernize and renovate the State Fair, so don’t be afraid to take a risk and change the way we operate. I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about. The city of Grand Island is committed to moving the state fair there and they have a can do attitude and I’m confident they’re going to get it done.” Grand Island will have to have the money by the time the fair moves to the city in 2010.