Old pumps plus high prices equals a big mess

A number of states are already seeing 4-dollar a gallon gas. That could be a problem for a few stations in Nebraska. There are about 175 in the state out of 16-hundered that have old mechanical type dispensers that won’t be able to compute past 4-dollars a gallon. Steve Malone is with the Nebraska Division of Weights and Measures and says the pumps were made only to go so high. He says they will only go up to 99-dollars and 99-cents so if you have 4-dollar fuel and you have a fill a vehicle that is over 25-gallons, you’ve got over 100-dollars and that dispenser starts over so there are multiple problems here. Malone says stations can not sell gas by the half gallon but some temporary measures have been put in place to keep stations open until they can get new equipment. That includes manual calculation of fuel sales. Malone says his agency is in charge of ensuring gas pumps are accurate and they keep a close eye on these devices. Malone says customers need to do their part and make sure their receipts match what is shown on the pump.