Omaha Royals manager working hard to stay in the city

Talks are in progress between the city of Omaha, the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority and the Omaha Royals on the new downtown baseball stadium issue. Royal’s President Alan Stein says he is optimistic that a deal can be worked out. Stein is hopeful the minor league team can play in the new stadium after more than 40 years at Rosenblatt. Stein says there is one sticking point that they will not bend. He says they can’t play there because¬†they are never going to ask our fans to pay six dollars to park. Stein says if they can’t get the parking issue worked out, his organization would definitely consider another location in the metro area. Stein says it is important that a minor league team stays in Omaha. Stein says not only would they consider it, we are going to work very hard to make that happen. Stein is very happy with the increase in fan interest and attendence.