Daub defends Mccain's attitutde towards agriculture

The U.S. ag department is defending ethanol against attacks that it is the cause of rising food prices. The GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee John McCain is among leaders asking the Environmental Protection Agency to cut this year’s requirement of corn-based ethanol in half. Mc Cain supporter Hal Daub tells us that McCain takes the right attitude toward agriculture.  Daub says the export market was even better not withstanding the consumption of corn for ethanol and the ethanol blend, while it helps us all be productive, were dollars that were circulated in our economy and not spent for gasoline imported from foreign countries. Nebraska is the nation’s No. 3 producer of ethanol. Daub is hosting McCain’s vision in Nebraska in July..but he still won’t disclose where McCain will visit, other then that it won’t be Omaha or Lincoln.