Incumbent Lee Terry Wins 2nd District House Nomination

It is going to be a rematch between Lee Terry and Jim Esch. In the primary election Tuesday, Terry won the Republican nomination for Nebraska’s 2nd District House of Representatives. Terry is very pleased with the victory, saying: “You know it is always good to win. I really appreciate the support from the republican voters. Starting now, we look toward November and reach out and talk to all the voters in the district.”Terry says he won’t rest on his laurels as there is lot of work to do between now and November.  “It will be an interesting re-match and certainly we are going to work hard in the neighborhoods,” Terry says. “I think maybe we took Jim a little bit too lightly last time but that won’t be the case this time. We are going to work extremely hard and we are going to show the differences between me and Mr. Esch. There are a lot of differences in a lot of different ways… the way we handle the economy, taxes, security, energy security, so, hopefully, this campaign will stay on the issues and the differences between us and I think that is what the voters appreciate and deserve. A real campaign that way.”
Terry is hoping he and Esch will be able to focus on the issues at hand. “I think economy, gas prices, still securing our nation, health care… all of those are going to be major issues in this campaign.”
Terry defeated Steven Laird in the Republican Primary.