So when do we get our stimulus checks?

Stimulus ChecksThe federal government has started sending out those economic stimulus package checks and many Nebraskans are making summer vacation plans around the influx of cash. Christopher Miller, spokesman for the Internal Revenue Service, says it’s easiest just to go online if you want to get a handle on when your check is due.Miller says to go to the website “” to see, based on the last two digits of their Social Security number, when they’ll get their check. He says that website has an area that’s been set up just to handle frequently asked questions about the checks. He says the number-one question is: When will I get my check? Miller says the answer is based on how people filed their federal tax returns earlier this year. Those who chose to get their tax refund via direct deposit will get their stimulus payments first, also via direct deposit. The paper checks will take longer, now through mid-July.
Miller says people also want to know how much they’ll be able to expect, and again, he points to the website. He says there’s an on-site calculator to help people figure out exactly what they’ll be getting. For singles, it’ll be a maximum of 600-dollars. For couples, it’ll be up to 12-hundred dollars and another 300-bucks for each qualifying child.
In all, some 130-million payments will be made for a total of 110-billion dollars. The average check is for 920-dollars.