Johanns says he'll be happy to face either Democratic opponent

With less than one week until Nebraska’s primary, Republican Senate candidate Mike Johanns says he plans to just keep on working.  The odds-on favorite to secure the nomination stopped at the Homestead National Monument of America Heritage Center early Tuesday, on a schedule of campaign stops that included Pawnee City, Auburn, Falls City, David City and Surprise.  Johanns says people repeatedly state their concerns about the economy, including high gas prices. Johanns says his energy policy should include conservation, exploration and renewable fuels.  Johanns says with the debate about a moratorium on the gas tax, the reality is that America would pay a price for choosing that option to ease pressure at the pump.
Johanns faces Pat Flynn of Schuyler, in next Tuesdays primary. If he wins, he would face either Scott Kleeb or Tony Raimondo in the November general election. Johanns says he’ll be happy facing either Democratic candidate.Johanns resigned his position as U-S Agriculture Secretary to seek the senate seat being vacated by Republican Chuck Hagel.